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The Jazz Standards Warm ups  #1, #2 and #3!

One bar of melody, all 12 keys, chest-voice, head-voice blend... DONE
Are you a singer who loves to sing songs but hates to warm up? This new 60 minute guided warmup is for you!
I will take you through some of the most beautiful, but tricky parts of some classic jazz songs and we will work on:
Chest voice strength, Head voice power, break area blend decisions. Challenging intervals, chromatic movement, and modulation and all using SONGS WE LOVE TO SING! $20 MP3/CD each or all 3/$45



One hour of scat study covering vocabulary, rhythmic concepts, harmonic exploration, call and response. With a bit of "repeat after me" you will quickly gain some licks and confidence!

Fun and easy $20



Happy 2017!  Let me introduce my newest practice tool!
"Mimic the Masters" My new concept cd/video is now available!
As I've explained over the years to any singer interested in getting better, I learned everything I know about this music by singing along with the "Master's". By literally "tracing" their every phrase, I have, over the past 30 years borrowed from them to learn everything! ... phrasing, intonation, placement, breathing, diction, register, resonance and style, and this has transformed my instrument into one of enormous flexibility!
With this new cd/video series I invite you to learn what I've learned, in exactly the same way I learned it... through years of "tracing" or "mimicking" these singers:
Ella, Frank, Barbara, Sarah, Peggy Lee, Blossom Dearie, Diane Shuur and more!

Order "Mimic the Masters" recording/videos today! Choose one song and video at a time or order all 13 songs from all six Masters! $2Per/song/video
All 13 tracks/$20! (discount)

I've recorded myself "mimicking" the master along with the original recording. I have mixed the recording so that my voice is on one side and the Master is on the other of a stereo mix. This way you can hear me in one side of your head-phones and compare to the "master" on the other side. Or take me out and bring me back as needed, to help guide you in the subtlies of matching the original singers voice.
I will also send you the original track from the Master plus some observations from me about matching each singers sound!
And, if you like, I will also send in dropbox, an MP4 video of myself singing along so that you can see facially what's going on as I attempt to match the Masters sound!

Choose from:
Frank Sinatra : (note: I get a great vocal workout singing with Sinatra in both upper and lower octaves! and talk about swing!)
Baubles, Bangles and beads
Cheek to Cheek
Come dance with me
Dancing in the Dark

Ella : (note: IT'S ELLA !! need I say more, it's of understanding of chest voice power and brightness of sound :)
On the sunny side of the street
Tea for two

Sarah : (warm mahogany sound, rich use of full throat and dark sound)
I'm gonna laugh you right out of my life

Barbara: (note: lot's on power in head voice and learning to bring head down through register break! breathing!! and vowel placements!
Who will Buy
I'm in the mood for love
Moon River
Diane Shuur (Note: great diction, vibrato and crisp, soulful phrasing) BlueGardenia
Blossom Dearie (Note: learn about control in a quiet, transparent sound! a master!
Lucky to be me

Peggy Lee (Note: subtle, subtle, subtle and so elegant! head voice throughout!
I lost my Sugar



Based on one of our most popular clinic's this new practice cd features Clipper Anderson's accompaniment to 10 great jazz standards, with guide vocals from Greta.
This useful cd was recorded in stereo with bass on one side and vocals on the other so that you can have to option of taking Greta out or leaving her in for guidance, simply by removing one earbud, headphone side, or changing the balance on your speakers. An accompaniment only cd is also included. Songs include:
Black Coffee
Just Squeeze me
Mood Indigo
No Moon at All
Waltz for Debbie
Willow weep for me
You go to my head

We plan offer more regular opportunities to sing with Clipper as you improve your skills with this new tool!

$20 PayPal or mail check 3848 48th ave sw Seattle Wa 98116
CD'S or MP3'S available


Better Jazz singing, one phrase at a time!

"Imagine how good you could get with a coach that could lead you to the "deep end of the pool" and not let you sink!"
I am offering a series of improvisation trades with me. ( I sing then you fill in the blank).

CD's and MP3's $10/ guided improvisation and phrasing study with Greta!

Using my unique approach to ear-training that allows even beginners to improvise, THIS IS THE BEST WAY TO IMPROVE YOUR JAZZ SINGING!
featuring scat vocabulary exercises, harmonic studies and phrasing traded lines on a variety of jazz standards.

2 songs covered per cd

12 different CD'S available


Improv trades 1

Alone together

East of the Sun


Improv trades 2

A  ghost of a chance

My Shining hour


Improv trades 3

Our love is here to stay

Get out of town


Improv trades 4

Angel Eyes

This is the end of a beautiful friendship


Improv trades 5

You'd be so easy to love



Improv trades  6

Don't worry bout me

All the things you are


Improv trades 7

You'd be so nice to come home to



Improv trades 8

Moon River

Mood indigo


Improv trades 9:

Honeysuckle rose

Good Morning Heartache


Improv trades 10

Almost like being in love

I wish you love



Baltimore oriole

Waltz for Debbie


Improv trades 12

For Heaven's sake

Gone with the wind



Guided study of bluesy styling over TWO 12 bar blues songs

With exercises in blues warm ups



Range expantion practice cd $20

If you're serious about opening up your range, this 1 hour practice cd is for YOU!

I've created this warm-up cd based on my own tried and tested methods for keeping my voice in shape and flexible!





Dear singers, for those of you who have experienced my improvisation trades "Greta trades" and improv master class you know the benefits of studying chord progressions where the original song title is
In this way you are able to practice ear training of "mystery" chord progressions without the distraction of knowing the original melody.
For those of you who use iReal Pro, I have explained how to edit and create "disguised" practice tracks from your own repertoire. However for some of you the techie part of this might seem overwhelming. In response to that, and with a desire that you are able to practice your own repertoire in this ingenious ear training format, I am offering to send you modified "Mystery tracks" of your OWN personal repertoire!
Simply send me a list of eight songs from your current repertoire and their keys. I will send you edited "disguised" versions of each in a link format that will open in your Ireal pro. Then you can save these songs as a playlist for "blind" study of your own songs! I will also include a "key" identifying each song so that you may save it in a special place and retrieve when you want to identify these tracks!
$20 / PayPal


If you have found that my guided vocal warm-up
cd has been helpful, I can create a personalized version with songs from your own repertoire as well!
Again, if you send me your key's for 4 songs from your personal repertoire I'll prepare and send links to these songs in the 3 key approach that will give you a warm up of your ENTIRE range!


"She has a marvelously positive approach and is simply a wizard at getting the most from jazz vocalists.  Her knowledge of styles is encyclopedic and she does it all:  basics, repertoire, improvisation, stage presence and vocal techniques.  

— Dr. Theodore DeCorso
Artistic Director
Blaine Jazz Festival

$10 Phrasing study CD's (order one or as many as you like!)
These easy to use two-song cd's offer a variety of phrasing explorations and execsises to open up your interpretation of some classic favorites. Each cd is recorded with a reference melody, and an open accompaniment track.

To order, choose from:

Allof Me/Allthe things you are

Black Coffee/Softly as in a morning sunrise

Easy to love/Fly me to the moon

Fools Rush in/For Once in my life

I remember you/I'm glad there is you

Just one of those things/Night and Day

But Not For Me / Corcovado
Autumn Leaves / Black Coffee
Alone Together / Good Morning Heartache
Comes Love / Girl From Ipanema
Lullaby Of Birdland / My Romance
That's All / Time After Time
The Way You Look Tonight / You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To
Nature Boy / Skylark
Old Black Magic / Teach Me Tonight
Georgia On My Mind / Get Out Of Town


These two-song cd's include melody plus harmonic and rhythmic explorations as well as scat trades with Greta and all you'll need to know to begin understanding and participating in one of the most fun parts of jazz singing!   $10

To order, choose from:

All the things you are / Centerpiece
The Boy next door / East of the Sun
Sweet Georgia Brown / Three Little words
West coast blues / When your lover has gone
The shadow of your smile / Summertime
Alone Together / Bye Bye Blackbird
One Note Samba / The Song is You
My Secret love / the song is you
Love for sale / Lullaby of birdland
Meditation / Moon River
Just Friends / Squeeze me


"Well, you've done it
again, Greta!

This is an outstanding method
for getting to really know a song— artfully dissecting them to reveal the possibilities for harmonic and rhythmic nuancing, to really take "ownership" of the song.

What a great new tool
for my toolbox!"

— Robin

Singers, are you bored with your songs? Can't find new way's of interpreting them? Let me help you!
Order a custom Improv / Stylizing Guidance CD. (This is not about scat, but about using rhythmic and harmonic skills to sing your songs in refreshingly new ways, and breaking away from the same old treatment you give it every time.)

Here's how it works:
Pick four songs from your current repertoire and let me know your key if possible.
I will make for you a cd that covers many different ways to go about re-treating the song.
These include: Harmonic exercises you can do over the chords for help you hear potential new melodies.
Rhythmic exercises that will help you learn to liberate the lyrics for a more loosely beautiful freedom of phrasing.
Dynamics and Attack demonstrations. These exercises help create interest and that indefinable something that makes audiences really sit up and listen!
Scat: If you are interested in scat, I will include examples of this as well.
Lastly I will sing 4-8 bars of a new version and leave the next 4-8 bars to you at intervals through-out the tune.
I will also, of course, provide you with an open track with multiple choruses to practice over!
This exercise has, more than any other, really helped me lead singers "to the water" so to speak, and will get YOU improvising new lines!
Here's the best news! As an introductory offer the cost is $60!!!



Want to learn how to use the new technology of iReal Pro to practice more efficiently.?
Set up a lesson with me now and let me show you the ins and outs of how to use this new accompaniment tool.
what's covered:
Downloading this Apple app to iPhone iPad or computor
Uploading songs
Downloading all styles available
Changing keys tempos and rhythm section Settings
Finding you're starting note for melodies of selected songs
How to give yourself an intro
How to select certain passages and study them
How to use drum settings to practice and strengthen your rhythmic sense
How to set up to play with bass accompaniment only
How to set up jazz practice format to study what chord progression sounds like

And how create playlists of your accompaniment tracks so you can find them quickly and easily to practice with!
This new accompaniment practice tool is one of the best uses of technology I've ever found to strengthen your musicianship. Let me show you how to use it and you will definitely see improvement. (please note this is an Apple application and can be downloaded to Apple products only with the exception of some androids ) please check for details


Order your own private customized recorded lesson
(A great way to learn without attending regular lessons.)
I’m now able to offer lessons by mail!!   $70.
Here’s how it works:
Send me a list of 8 jazz standards you'd like to work on. Give me an idea of your highest and lowest comfortable notes (your range.). I’ll choose a key and will record an accompaniment track for you.
I will also record for you a reference melody for you to sing along with as you are learning each song.
I will send you these tunes via MP3 format (email or Dropbox)  or mail a cd, your choice.
This type of lesson will not replace private one on one lessons at my studio, as I’ll need to hear you to help you, however, for many it's a great way to GET STARTED SINGING JAZZ  or add to your repertoire and stay in practice.
I advise students to schedule a private lesson with me asap.


I am now offering lessons via FACETIME. Please inquire,



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